Pouyandegan Danesh Melal Parseh
Pouyandegan Danesh Melal Parseh

Professional in student recruitment and visa affairs

Where Success begins
Accredited by Ministry of Science, Research and Technology
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Our services


PouyandeganDaneshMelalParseh Institute accredited by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology is proud to assist applicants making the best and right decision to study at Australian universities. Our education counsellors are qualified with certificates issued from reliable educational institutes and will professionally help applicants to choose the best way to study. Here is some of our services:

• Free consultancy session by our qualified education counsellors to study at Australia from High School to Post Graduate Studies
• Informing applicants about living costs and situations
• evaluating the applicants’ qualifications and assist them to assist them in making the right decision
• Official and legal binding consulting contract after primary evaluations
• Supporting applicants to choose the best university and field of study
• Providing advice to clients on preparation of our clients to take IELTS
• Providing information to clients about the status of their admission and visa applications
• Providing applicants with Australian Government’s updated policies in order to lodge a proper visa application